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Product Usage

Note: These instructions are for the NEW Trigger Point Relief Self-Massager (Collapsible). Many of these instructions are still relevant if you have purchased the original version of this product.

What are trigger points?

Trigger Points are tight, tender contracted muscle fibers, which emit pain. For various reasons, including poor posture, bad ergonomics, overworked muscles, the tissue becomes dysfunctional resulting in painful knots, or trigger points. Consequently, these restrictions prevent our body from living up to its potential for strong and natural movement.

Why is self-trigger point therapy essential?

Releasing trigger points helps the body re-establish proper, pain free movements. When comfortable pressure using the Trigger Point Relief knob is applied to a targeted area, it releases the adhesion in the connective tissues and relieves the muscle tension. This promotes blood circulation as fresh oxygenated blood flows to the muscle, normalizing it and bringing it to a healthy and flexible state. 

How to Use Your Self-Massager 

Trigger Point Relief in use

    • Step 1: Fit the 2 pieces of the massager together and push gently until you hear a "click".

    • Step 2: Hold the massager firmly using the ergonomic handles.

    • Step 3: Position the appropriate Trigger Point knob on a targeted area.

    • Step 4: Apply a comfortable amount of pressure into targeted area for 30 seconds.

    • Step 5: Repeat until muscle tension is relieved. 

    • Step 6: To take the tool apart, simply press gently on the button in the center labeled "BackJoy" and separate the two pieces. 

Instructional Video

Learn more about using your product with the help of Erin Carson, certified strength and conditioning specialist from Boulder, CO. Here, Erin walks you through some detailed ways to massage tight trigger points in your shoulders, neck, back, and feet. You can discover more about Erin at her website,

Features of Your Self-Massager 

Trigger Point Relief knobs

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