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Comfort Pillow
SleepSound Comfort Pillow
SleepSound Comfort Pillow
SleepSound Comfort Pillow

SleepSound Comfort Pillow

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Featuring firm support, the Comfort Pillow supports optimal sleeping posture to relieve back and neck pain while you sleep. Its layered design provides superior loft without clumping or flattening.

This back support pillow self-adjusts to support optimal sleeping posture, whether you're a side or back sleeper. It features a more traditional square shape than our other pillows to fit easily inside a queen-sized pillowcase. Our Soft Support™ Reinvented Down fill allows you to fall asleep in comfort, while the Cool Comfort Memory Foam layers support your head, neck, and back in proper alignment throughout the night. Its layered design provides superior loft without clumping or flattening. Innovative sidewalls flex and conform around the neck and shoulders for total comfort and alignment.

NOTE: The Comfort Pillow will feel very firm at first. This is normal. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the pillow to conform to your head and neck for total comfort. The pillow will soften over time for a superior fit. Measures 24.5" L x 15" W x 6" H. Filled with hypoallergenic synthetic down. Firm support pillow - will soften over time. 

Is the Comfort Pillow firm or soft?

The Comfort Pillow will feel quite firm at first. After several weeks of regular use, the pillow will soften to conform to your unique shape.


What is the difference between the various pillows you offer?

All BackJoy pillows provide the same neck and back support benefits. The main difference is size and shape.

The Comfort Pillow is a traditional square shape, measures 24.5" L x 15" W x 6" H and fits inside a queen-sized pillow case. The Comfort Pillow also offers firmer support than our other pillows.

The Travel Pillow has a crescent shape, measures 16" L x 12" W x 5" H and is perfect for stuffing in a sack or compressing into a suitcase for traveling.


Can stomach sleepers still get benefits from using the pillow?

To maintain the alignment of your back and neck during sleep, we don't recommend sleeping on your stomach. The pillow works best for side and back sleepers.


Can I use any pillowcase with my pillow?

The Comfort Pillow fits inside a queen-sized pillowcase.


How do I care for my pillow?

Please spot clean your Comfort Pillow. Washing your pillow at home will void its warranty.


What is the Comfort Pillow made of?

Shell top/gusset: 90% polyester/10% spandex; inner shell/body: 63% polyester/31% rayon/6% spandex; bottom: 100% cotton; fill: 70% polyester fiber/30% polyethylene fibers; foam 100% polyurethane.


How do I keep my pillow light and fluffy the longest?

Fluff the Comfort Pillow, then adjust the fill for comfort on a regular basis. This will keep your pillow fresh, lofty and allergy-free.

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